We Rebate The Tampa New Home Buyer 80% Of Our Real Estate Commissions!

Save 2.4% On Your Tampa New Home Purchase!

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Tampa Florida new home buyer 2.4% rebate on the new home price.

New homes Tampa site offers the Tampa Florida new home buyer 2.4% rebate on the new home price. Avoid the number one new home buyer mistake. Don’t make the mistake of visiting a new home builder’s office without first letting the new home sales rep know that you have a Realtor. Without this phone call could cost you thousands of dollars! The biggest mistake new home buyers make is visiting a builder without an independent buyer’s agent or calling ahead and putting them on notice that you have a Realtor or agent. When you sign the new home builder’s log without an Realtor present, you become the home builder’s client, and without an independent buyer’s agent representing you, you lose the ability to receive a legal commission rebate and will not receive any cash back. Federal laws prohibit new home builders from charging a different new home price if the buyer has a Realtor or not. The price of the new home is the same if you have a real estate agent or not.

Typical most new home buyers work with an agent that does not rebate or works without any agent.  In both cases the new home buyer receives no rebate and the money is maintained by the builder. 


Tampa Florida new home buyer 2.4% rebate on the new home price.

Unfortunately, many new home buyers choose to work with an “in-house” agent who is employed by the home builder. These agents help buyers choose floor plans and help with the contract.  But their contractual relationship is with their boss, the builder and not the new home buyer. Knowledgeable new home buyers work with a Realtor, an independent buyer’s agent.

Someone will earn a commission on the new home you buy 

The new home builder has budgeted for and will pay sales commission to either an “in-house” agent or an real estate agent who is representing you. New home builders want you to work with their “in-house” agent so they can keep more of the profit.


As a real estate company, we are being paid a commission of generally 3% from the builder for bringing buyers to builders and helping buyers to buy new homes. With Sun Atlantic Group, you will get 2.4% of the base sales price from our commission. If there is no Realtor involved then the builder puts the whole 3% in their pockets. We believe that by sharing our commission with you, you will introduce us to your friends, and in turn, your friends will tell others about us. As you can see our business is built on referrals.

Most home shoppers believe they are going to get the best deal if they buy on their own. This just isn’t true. The Builders are prevented by federal fair housing laws to charge you more if you have a Realtor representing you. Example: If you are buying a $300,000 home, you pay $300,000 whether or not you are represented by a Realtor. Through this rebate program the new home buyer would receive $7,200!

So, if you’re buying a new home in Tampa and do not have a real estate agent, then you can participate in this program.

     Traditional Realtor Commissions.         Our Rebate Plan.     

The Purchase Price                                                      The Purchase Price
of Your New Home.  $400k                                           of Your New Home.  $400k

Commission Paid by Builder                                        Commission Paid by Builder
To Your Agent (3%)  $12K                                             To Your Agent (3%) $12k

Commission Agent Shares                                           Commission Agent Shares
With You $0                                                                    With You $9,600

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Tampa Florida new home buyer 2.4% rebate on the new home price.

It’s Really That Simple! Quite Simply, There is no Catch or Contracts. Our Rebate Program is free and does not obligate you in any way. However, to participate, it does require that you register at the Builder’s sales office and identifying Sun Atlantic Group as the Participating Broker/Realtor. We make this easy by supplying you with a Rebate Certificate (intro. letter) to the builder. This demonstrates to the builder that you learned about their homes from our web site and that you are therefore eligible to receive the cash rebate.


Just Follow These Steps – It’s that Easy…

  1. Review the rebate terms of our brokerage services.
  2. Find your favorite new Florida home online, open house or drive by.
  3. Print Rebate/Introduction Certificate and take them with you to register Sun Atalantic Group as your Realtor on your first visit to the New Home Builder. In most cases we will call the new home sales agent and give them the heads up that you will be coming and that should complete the registration  process. You must fill out one certificate per sales community even if it’s the same builder so make a few copies of this certificate if you are going to several builders or have our company call ahead to each sales office.
  4. You can receive your rebate directly in the HUD closing documents or a check will given to you once the title companies check clears our bank, typically 2-3 days.  It is your choice



Rebate Qualification Guidelines: Rebates may be applied to loan closing costs or taken as a check after closing and funding. Buyers must be represented by Sun Atlantic Group and your rebate is a portion of the sales commission earned by Sun Atlantic Group, Realtor. Rebate offer is based on 3% commission to be paid by builder. We will rebate 80% of the dollar amount that we receive from the builder.  It could be lessor or greater than 3%. If the builder offers cash incentives for the Realtor and/or bonuses greater than the typical 3% then you will receive the greater proportional amount of commissions.  Rebates are only available in Florida and only with builders who do not require a Realtor’s to be present on first visit. You must register Sun Atlantic Group as your Realtor on your first visit to the Builder. Failure to register us as your Realtor on your first visit, may result in lost commission and lost rebate.

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